Baumatic BR11.2A BR15A Fridge Freezer Lower Door Bottle Shelf Tray 07016313


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648043 Refrigeration Lower Fridge Door Bottle Shelf
Baumatic BR11.2A BR15A
lastic bottle or milk tray or storage shelf to fit the Baumatic fridge models as shown or as directed

This is the lowest plastic storage or bottle shelf fitted in the door.

Baumatic Fridge

BR11.2A. BR15A

Fridge Door Shelves & Storage Trays

Fridge door storage trays. often referred to as milk or bottle bars along with the other plastic internal parts on a
fridge door are commonly known as “door furniture” in the industry. The reason is very simple. this the spare parts that the inside of the door is furnished with to turn it into useable storage areas for milk. butter. eggs and so on.

There are various ways that the fridge storage trays and shelves are fitted but almost invariably they will simply slot in to the inner plastic moulding of the fridge door. This means that. when it comes to spare parts. you have to choose using the model number or you could very possibly end up with the wrong part being supplied.

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