BRANDT Dishwasher Interference Filter


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Dishwasher & Tumble Dryer Interference Filter Mains Suppressor 1886870100

 dishwasher interference filter suppressor & tumble dryer mains suppressor

This is an alternative part

Fits the following Beko dishwasher & tumble dryer models

CE68206C. D3421FS. D3421FW. D3422FS. D3422FS(NEWVERS.). D3422FS-42. D3422FW. D3422FW-42. D3731FS. D3731FW. DE2431FS. DE2431FW. DE2541FS. DE2541FW. DE2541FX. DE2542FS. DE2542FW. DE3430FS. DE3430FW. DE3431FS. DE3431FW. DE3541FS. DE3541FW. DE3542FS. DE3542FW. DE3761FS. DE3761FW. DE3762FS. DE3762FW. DE3861FS. DE3861FW. DE3861FW(NEWVERS.). DE6340S. DE6340W. DFN1420. DFN1432S. DFN6830. DIN1401XN. DIN5630XN. DIN5832XLN. DIS1501. DIS1521XN. DISH540W. DISH542W. DL1043W. DL1243S. DL1243W. DS1054S. DSFN1530B. DSFN1530S. DSFN1530W. DSFN1532B. DSFN1532S. DSFN1532W. DSFN1534W. DSFS1531B. DSFS1531S. DSFS1531W. DSN1401XN. DSN141XN. DSN142XN. DSN1521XN. DSS1301XN. DW450. DW600. DW601. DW602. DW603. DWC6540W. DWD4310S. DWD4310W. DWD4311S. DWD4311W. DWD4312W. DWD5410S. DWD5410W. DWD5411S. DWD5411W. DWD5412S. DWD5412W. DWD5414S. DWD5414W. DWD8650S. DWD8650W. DWD8650X. DWD8657S. DWD8657S/1. DWD8657W. DWD8657W/1. DWD8657X. DWD8657X/1. DWI643. DWI644. DWLT65. DWLT68. FDW45. UFF584APWUK. D3543FW


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