Compatible water filter for Whirlpool Fridge Freezer SBS002 4396508 481281729632


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The EcoAqua EFF-6002A water filter is compatible with the
original Whirlpool® 4396508. Whirlpool® 4396510. Whirlpool®
SBS002 filter.
Ecopure Europe are one of the largest fridge filter manufacturers in the world. with
17.500sq metre modern production facilities. We have an array of certifications
including NSF 42. NSF 53 . WQA. TUV & WRAS. NSF 401 in progress. We are even able to
provide own labels with sensible minimum quantities.
Our quality is of paramount importance to us.
4396508. 4396508P. 4392857. 4392857R. 4396510. 4396510P. 4392922. 82112491.
2255520. SBS002. SBS003. SBS004. 481281729632. 4396918. 4396562. 4396563. 200203.
2203220. 2203980. 2305766. 2305767. 2305768. 225518. 2186444. PWF-NL240V. PNL240V.
WF-NL240V. WFNL240V. NL240V. WF-NL240. WFNL240. NL240. WF-NL300. WFNL300. NL300.
PWF-L400V. PL400V. WF-L400V. WFL400. L400. WF-L500. WFL500. L500. WF-300BR
4396547. 4396163. 4396509P. 4396548. 4396164. 2203221. 2255709
46-9902. 469902. 9902. 9902P. 0460990200. 46-9908. 469908. 9908. 9908P. 0409908000
SBS002 4396508

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