Genuine BEKO Fridge Freezer Front Glass Shelf Profile Trim 4221830100


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Genuine Smeg Fridge Freezer Front Glass Shelf Trim 4221830100

Suiable for the following appliances BEKO/SMEG CA6017S. CA6017 W. CDA644S. CDA644 W. CDA645FS. CDA645FS/1. CDA645FW. CDA645FW/1. CDA646S. CDA646 W. CDA648FS/1. CDA648FW. CDA648FW/1. CDA648S. CDA650S. CDA650 W. CDA650X. CDA653FB. CDA653FB/1. CDA653FS. CDA653FS/1. CDA653FW. CDA653FW/1. CDA653FX. CDA653FX/1. CDA658FS. CDA658FW. CDA659FS. CDA659FS/1. CDA659FW. CDA659FW/1. TLA6018S. TLA6018 W. TLDA625S. TLDA625 W. TLDA628S. TLDA628 W. TLDA628X. TLDA662S. TLDA662 W


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