Genuine Beko Fridge Freezer Glass Shelf Rear Profile Trim 447mm 4851910100


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BEKO Genuine Fridge Freezer Glass Shelf Trim (Rear)

Brand new. genuine original plastic shelf trim profile for your Beko fridge freezer / refrigerator.

Measurements: length: 447mm
Fits models:

53FW. 54FDS. 54FDW. 7121Y. B1750HCA. B1752. B1800HCA. B1801. B1802. B1802F. B1802HCA. CA5411FFS. CA5411FFS/2. CA5411FFW. CA5411FFW/2. CDA538S. CDA538W. CDA539FB/2. CDA539FS/2. CDA539FW/2. CDA539FX/2. CDA542S. CDA543FS. CDA543FW. CF5015APS. CF5015APW. CF540B. CF540S. CF540W. CF5533APB. CF5533APS. CF5533APW. CFD540B. CFD540S. CFD540W. CFD5834APB. CFD5834APS. CFD5834APW. CH124020W. CHE24006. CHILL53W. CHILL55W. CIS5584W. COOL53FW. COOL54FDS. COOL54FDW. CS5533APW. CSE24006. CSE24007. CSE24027. CSE290006. CSE29006S. CSE29026. CSE31006. CSE32020. CSE32020S. CXF5083W. CXF5104B. CXF5104S. CXF5104W. CXF525W. CXFD5104S. CXFD5104W. CXFD825S. CXFD825W. CXS5104W. DSE20000. DSE250. DSE25000. DSE25006. DSE25006M. DSE25006S. DSE25020. DSE25020X. DSE25022. DSE25022S. DSE25026. DSE25036. DSE25036XX. DSE250S. DSE27000HCA. DSE27020. EFC51533W. FFD5582W. LA120S. LA120W. LA620S. LA620SBK5L54135. LA620W. LDE2206HCA. LX5053S. LX5053W. LX5095S. LX5095W. RA110S. RA110W. RA610S. RA610W. RBI6101. RBI6102. RBI6106HCA. RBI6301. RBI6306. RBI6306HCA. RBI6306LH. RDE2306. RDE6206. RDE6206S. RDM6107. RDV2306HCM. SSE26006. SSE26026. SSE26026S. SSE26026X. SSE26036. T7121Y. TDA534S. TDA534W. TLDA521S. TLDA521W. TLF500W. TSE1230. TSE1230F. TSE1230FS. TSE12340. TSE12340S. TSE1240. TSE1260. TSE1260F. TSE1263F. TSE1267F. TSE1270. TSE1280. TSE1280M. TSE1283. TSE1283X. TSE1284. TSE1350. TSE1400. TSE1400F. TSE1402. TSE1402F. TSE1402FS. TSE1402X. TSE1404. TSE1410. TSE1420. TSE1422


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