Genuine Beko Washing Machine Door handle WMB81241LS WMB81243LS WMB81644LC


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Beko Washing Machine Door Handle 2821580200

This is a Replacement part 

Suitable for The Following Models

WMB81241LS. WMB81243LS. WMB81644LC. WM8063CW. WMB91442LC. WMB91442LW. WMB91442LR. WMB81443LA. WMB91442LW-1. WMB81241LB. WMB81243LB. WM74155LS. WM95135LB. WMB81221LS. WML72WXC. WMB91242LB. WM7043CW. WMB81442LW. WMB91442LR-1. WME8227S. WME8227S. WMXD847S. WME8227B. WME8227B. D3 8121E. WMB91242LC. WMB81232. WML76WXC


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