Genuine OEM 00428344 Bosch Clip Kit For Dishwashers 428344


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Bosch Neff Siemens  Lower Basket Flip Tyne Bearing Kit
Airlux. Atag. Balay. Bosch. Constructa. Eudora. Gaggenau. Gorenje. Hanseatic. KUEPPERSBUSCH. Kenmore. Kleenmaid. Lynx. Neff. Pelgrim. Profilo. Sharp. Siemens. Tecnic. Thermador. Universal. Velenje. Viva. Vogica

 Original part
 Suitable for multiple brands
 For bottom basket
 Bearing Clips for Bosch Dishwashers – Genuine dishwasher bearings Bosch genuine part number – 428344. Fits most Bosch built dishwashers including SGI45E12UK/10. SGI45E15UK/10. SGI45E16UK/10. SGI45E12GB/22. SGI45E15GB/22. SGI45E16GB/22. SGI45M55GB/35. SGI45E12GB/23. SGI45E15GB/23. SGI45E16GB/23. SGI45E12GB/26. SGI45E15GB/26. SGI45E16GB/26. SGI45E12GB/28. SGI45E15GB/28. SGI45E16GB/28. SGI45E12GB/29. SGI45E15GB/29. SGI45E16GB/29. SGI45E12GB/30. SGI45E15GB/30. SGI45E16GB/30. SGI45E12GB/31. SGI45E15GB/31. SGI45E16GB/31. SGI45E12UK/06. SGI45E15UK/06. SGI45E16UK/06. SGI45E12UK/09. SGI45E15UK/09. SGI45E16UK/09. SGI46M65GB/01. SGI46M65GB/82. SGI46M65GB/90. SGI46M65GB/93. SGI57M05GB/36. SGI57M05GB/37. SGI57M05GB/32. SGI57M05GB/34. SGS43T72UK/26. SGS43T72UK/30. SGS43T72UK/31. SGS43E08GB/43. SGS45E08GB/52. SGS45E68GB/52. SGS45E08GB/56. SGS45E02GB/52. SGS45E02GB/56. SGS46E22GB/01. SGS46E22GB/82. SGS46E22GB/90. SGS46E26GB/01. SGS47E02GB/56. SGS55E12GB/56. SGS57E02GB/56. SGS57E08GB/56. SGS57E22GB/73. SGS57E32GB/73. SGV43E03GB/19. SGV43E03UK/06. SGV43E03UK/09. SGV46M03GB/31. SGV46M03GB/33. SGV46M03GB/36. SGV53E33GB/09. SGV53E03GB/55. SGV53E33GB/10. SGV53E03GB/56. SGV53E03GB/70. SGV53E03GB/72. SGV53E03GB/73. SGV53E03GB/74. SGV53E33GB/06. SHV55M03GB/73. SHV55M03GB/79. SHV55M03GB/82. SHV55M03GB/86. SHV55M03GB/55. SHV55M03GB/90. SHV55M03GB/56. SHV55M03GB/93. SHV55M03GB/70. SHV55M03GB/94


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