New Kenwood Whisk Assembly KW-712963


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Kenwood Whisk Assembly With Interface Complete KW712963 For Hand Blender KW712963

Suits to models: DHB726-RN. HDP306. DHB717. DHB718. DHB721-RN. DHB723. HB714. HB714M. HB718. HB721. HB722. HB723. HB724. HBM711. HDP302. HDP304. HDP308. HDP400. HDP402. HDP404. HDP406. HDP408. HDP401. HDP405

Suits to codes: 0W22110001. 0W22110002. 0W22110003. 0W22110006. 0W22110011. 0W22110015. 0W22110019. 0W22111003. 0W22111004. 0W22111005. 0W22111007. 0W22111009. 0W22111011. 0W22111013. 0W22111014. 0W22111015. 0W22111016. 0W22111017. 0W22111043. 0W22111046. 0WHB714001. 0WHB714002. 0WHB714008. 0WHB714M05. 0WHB714M06. 0WHB717006. 0WHB718006. 0WHB718007. 0WHB718008. 0WHB721001. 0WHB721006. 0WHB722001. 0WHB723001. 0WHB723002. 0WHB723006. 0WHB723011. 0WHB724001. 0WHB724002. 0WHB724011. 0WHB724012. 0WHB724015. 0WHB724057. 0WHB726006. 0WHBM71102


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