Original samsung da29-00020b water filter haf-cin/exp da97-08006a-b


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Internal Fridge Ice Water Filter
Genuine new original Samsung internal water filter that is also known as the Samsung HAFCIN

Tested and certified by NSF International according NSF/ANSI Standards 42 & 53

Samsung recommends replacement every 6 months and is manufactured by Microfilter for Samsung (country of origin Korea)

Operating specifications: DA29-00020B // HAF-CIN/EXP:
– flow rate: 1.9 lpm
– operating temperature: min 1°C / max 38°C
– operating pressure: min 207 kPa (30 psi) / max 862 kPa (125 psi)
– function: chemical and mechanical Reduction
– capacity: 1.150 litres
– service life: 6 months

Fridge Water Filters 

There are some things that people should be aware of about fridge water filters.

Over the past few years. as fridges with filtered water have become more and more popular. we’ve also seen a mammoth rise in very cheap and. usually very nasty. fridge freezer water filters coming onto the market. It won’t surprise most people to learn that these are mass produced very cheaply in places like China and the quality can be. at best. questionable. Of course there are some good filters that come from the Far East as well. we know as we do use some of them. but they cost significantly more than the really cheap and nasty water filters that we won’t sell.

Asides from which we’ve now had several worrying report of these cheap water filters breaking up and contaminating the water system in some models of fridge freezers. that’s not good. If that happens to you it may well contaminate the water system and the tank meaning a big cost to fix it so. our advice. avoid the really cheap ones as cutting the quality of them is the only way it can be done.

The point of a water filter in your fridge is to get good. clean water to drink. Many cheap fridge water filters don’t accomplish that.

We avoid these for the reasons explained and we will not recommend using them. it’s not worth it.

You can learn much more on this subject. as well as why it is important to regularly change the water filter

Choosing The Correct

Fridge Water Filter

There are. in effect. two ways that fridge water filters are installed. either externally or internally.

Most external water filters are all of the one kind and are pretty much universal. that’s the WSF100 type cartridge that has a pipe from your mains water in one side and a pipe out the other to the fridge.

The internal ones can be a lot more interesting.

Most fridge and fridge freezer manufacturers will “brand” their machines for other people so you can save by not buying the. for example. genuine Hotpoint or Smeg water filter and instead buy the Whirlpool one which is much cheaper but. the same water filter. This applies to a good many fridge water filters and if you look closely you can save money on them.

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