Water Filter replacement Indicator Timestrip Time Lapse Label 6 Months


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Universal Time Strip

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The Timestrip Time Indicators are simple visual reminders to help you comply with recommended or regulated activities in the workplace. Activate a Timestrip and stick it to your product or device so you can see when time is up. No need to note and calculate dates. They are useful reminders for period after opening intervals. part replacement. maintenance checks. completed reactions and many other laboratory applications.

The indicators are small (40×19 mm) and self-adhesive so they can be attached directly to a product or device and held constantly in view. They can be stored inert at room temperature and then activated at the same time as a bottle is first opened or a task carried out. They are single use and can be easily disposed of with the product they are monitoring when its time is up. They are small and cost effective enough to be used on individual devices or products.

How it works & how to activate it

Each indicator contains a white porous membrane. through which a coloured liquid travels at a known rate. The colour is usually red for longer periods and blue for shorter ones. Squeezing the activation button firmly between thumb and finger releases all the liquid from the blister. A coloured line appears almost immediately to confirm that the indicator is active. As time passes the colour will progress and when the viewing window is completely filled. the full time has elapsed.

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