AEG ELECTROLUX Slimline Dishwasher CUTLERY BASKET Genuine 1524746102


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Zanussi / Hotpoint / Universal Slimline Dishwasher

Cutlery Basket


Genuine Zanussi Product- Narrow style cutlery basket. for use with many slimline or smaller dishwashers


Part Number: 1524746102

LENGTH: 235mm

WIDTH: 85mm




For use with models:

DA2152. DA6152. DE4744ALU. DE6744S. DA2252. DA6241. DE4844. DE6754. DA2852. DA6252. DE6342. DE6755. DA4152. DA6341. DE6442. DE6844. DA4341. DA6352. DE6542. DE6844ALU. DA4342. DA6373. DE6544. DE6850. DA4352. DA6473. DE6644. DE6854. DA6141. DE3043. DE6654. DE6855. DA6141D. DE4654. DE6654ALU. DE6865. DA6141SIL. DE4744. DE6744. DE7443. DES959. DTI6759E. . DF6937. DW6826. DW911. DWS686. DF6954. DW684. DW915. DWS6907. DS17. DW6926. DW917. DWS6947. DW907. DWS684. DF4449. DW6714. DW908A. DWS6849. DF6926. DW6814. DW908W. DWS685.  DS22. DW6926M. DW925. DWS696. DS30. DW6937. DW927. DWS697. DTI4725E. DW697. DWS4825. DWS697S. DTI6726. DW905. DWS6837. DWS909AL. DWS909W. ZD686B. ZDS699EA. ZT6910. DWS919. ZD686W. ZDS699EN. ZT695. DWS935. ZD694B. ZDS699EX. ZTI6050. DWS939S. ZD694N. ZDS699EY. ZTI6100. DWS939W. ZD694W. ZP3414. ZW414. DWS949W. ZD694X. ZP3414M. ZW416. ZD699ALU. ZT6810. ZW626. ZD684B. ZDI6744. ZT685. ZW726. ZD684W. ZDS6070X. ZT6905. IZZI W


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