Baumatic Bottle Rack Clear FRD662052


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Genuine GORENJE.BAUMATIC Fridge Freezer Printless Bottom Door Tray GRJ662052

Suitable For – BE810. BE811. BI25R. BI26. BI50. BI51. BK54SS. BK54WH. BK55SS. BK56BK. BK56SS. BR21A. BR22.8A. BR22.8AEU. BR26A. IKE320-1-2T. KE267MLA. NW5050 444445461. NW5051FF. NW7030 444445682. NW7031FF. RK4254E. SG50/50 050418086. SG70/30 444445462. ST50/50 444445461. ST5050FF. ST7030FF. TKI320.1. TKI320.2

Brand Gorenje
Item Weight 141 g
Package Dimensions 41 x 13 x 7 cm
Part Number 66205


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