BEKO Fridge Freezer Fast Freeze Door Flap 385 x 180mm GENUINE


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Genuine Beko / Flavel Fridge Freezer ‘Fast Freeze’ Front Cover Door Flap

Brand new. genuine original fast freeze flap for your Beko / Flavel fridge freezer.
Measurements: 385mm x 180mm

Fits models:


53FW. 54FDS. 54FDW. CA5410. CA5410S. CA5410W. CA5411FFS. CA5411FFS/1. CA5411FFS/2. CA5411FFW. CA5411FFW/1. CA5411FFW/2. CA5411FFX. CA5411FFX/1. CB4936FFNS.CDA538S. CDA538W. CDA539FB/2. CDA539FS/2. CDA539FW/2. CDA539FX/2. CDA541S. CDA541W. CDA542S. CDA542W. CDA543FB. CDA543FS. CDA543FW. CDA543FX. CDA554S. CDA554W.CDA555S. CDA555W. CDM7200. CF5015APS. CF5015APW. CF540B. CF540S. CF540W. CF5533APB. CF5533APS. CF5533APW. CFD540B. CFD540S. CFD540W. CFD5834APB. CFD5834APS. CFD5834APW. CH124020W. COOL53FW. COOL54FDS. COOL54FDW. EFC51533W. FFD5582W. TZDA504FS. TZDA504FW. TZDA504W. TZDA524FS. TZDA524FW

CFA65S. CFA65W. CFA70S. CFA70S1. CFA70W. CFA70W1
***Please note: this is the ‘fast freeze’ flap and not the basket / drawer cover.***


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