Genuine Miele sfha30 S300 S400 S500 S600 S700 Vacuum Cleaner Active HEPA Filter


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Compatible Miele
sfha30 S300 S400 S500 S600 S700 Vacuum Cleaner Active HEPA Filter
This is the Miele HEPA filter to fit a wide range of vacuum cleaners as shown

A low cost alternative filter is available under part number .

Miele HEPA replacement filter. which traps particles as small as 0.3 of a micron such as dust mite faeces and tobacco smoke to help create a more comfortable environment for allergy sufferers. It also incorporates a charcoal filter to absorb odours from the dustbag (which is particularly useful if you are vacuuming up pet hair) and has a life of 50 hours or approx.

For Miele S300 through S800 series cylinder vacuum cleaners.

The recommended lifespan for this product is 12 months.

Miele Vacuum Cleaner

S334I. S512. S518-1. S578. S316I. S718. S328I. S428I. S438I. S718. S711. S538. S638. S718. S728. S838. S638. S517-1. S538. S388. S718. S518-1. S718. S428I. S718. S7280. S718. S578. S718. S718. S718. S311I. S548. S512. S646. S334I. S534. S312I. S712. S511. S511-1. S544. S2180. S7510. S7580. S7580. S626. S636. S836. S762. S444I. S446I. S448I. S711. S711. S711. S346I. S336I. S348I. S712. S646. S648. S658. S712-1. S858. S858. S514. S524. S7580. S311I. S424I. S511. S511-1. S624. S626. S711. S826. S7280. S2121. S712-1. S316I. S326I. S386. S516. S7260. S711. S716. S716. S726. S836. S716. S510. S511. S512. S512-1. S516. S526. S716. S716. S726. S711. S712. S2120. S2121. S524. S548. S2110. S538. S718. S518-1. S510. S511. S528. S381. S381. S324I. S2120. S524. S712. S2120. S2121. S512-1. S712. S512-1. S758. S380. S2120. S2131. S310I. S311I. S312I. S370. S371. S370. S381. S381. S380. S411I. S511-1. S512-1. S571. S612. S710. S711. S711-1. S7510. S812. S381. S710-1. S571. S712-1. S428I. S326I. S311I. S312I. S371. S371. S315I. S648. S311I. S371. S548. S310I. S315I. S313I. S310I. S512. S512-1. S624. S424I. S312I. S312I. S528. S424I. S711. S376. S312I. S548. S724. S748. S312I. S512. S718-1. S528. S718. S644. S710. S716. S716. S428I. S7580. S718. S311I. S7280. S371. S711. S710. S712. S7580. S438I. S448I. S748. S728. S718. S748. S838. S828. S638. S648. S838. S848. S318I. S338I. S438I. S518. S524. S524. S424I. S446I. S311I. S310I. S312I. S511. S511-1. S558. S421I. S424I. S314I. S7280. S712. S424I. S626. S311I. S826. S512. S512-1. S712. S624. S321I. S312I. S538. S712. S558. S442I. S712. S315I. S2120. S2121. S712. S724. S644. S844. S381. S711. S424I. S514. S381. S711. S512-1. S712. S826. S624. S626. S711-1. S762. S381. S311I. S512-1. S834. S718. S518-1. S712. S718. S761. S624. S712. S311I. S510. S511. S749. S749. S7580. S344I. S711. S748. S334I. S380. S718-1. S758. S762. S712. S410I. S412I. S712. S346I. S312I. S314I. S558. S310I. S762. S456I. S758. S556. S658. S758. S758. S758. S2120. S738. S300I. S300I. S301I. S301I. S310I. S310I. S311I. S311I. S312I. S312I. S312I. S312I. S313I. S313I. S314I. S315I. S316I. S316I. S316I. S318I. S318I. S321I. S321I. S322I. S322I. S323I. S323I. S324I. S324I. S326I. S326I. S326I. S328I. S328I. S334I. S334I. S336I. S336I. S338I. S338I. S342I. S342I. S344I. S344I. S346I. S346I. S347I. S347I. S348I. S348I. S348I. S356I. S356I. S360. S370. S371. S372. S373. S374. S376. S378. S378. S380. S381. S382. S384. S386. S388. S400I. S400I. S401I. S401I. S402I. S402I. S404I. S404I. S408I. S408I. S410I. S410I. S411I. S411I. S412I. S412I. S414I. S414I. S420I. S421I. S421I. S422I. S422I. S424I. S424I. S426I. S426I. S428I. S428I. S434I. S434I. S436I. S436I. S438I. S438I. S442I. S442I. S412I. S444I. S444I. S445I. S445I. S446I. S446I. S447I. S447I. S448I. S448I. S448I. S456I. S456I. S500. S501. S510. S511. S511-1. S512. S512-1. S513. S514. S514-1. S515-1. S516. S516-1. S517-1. S518. S518. S518. S518. S518. S518-1. S524. S526. S528. S534. S536. S538. S544. S548. S548. S556. S558. S560. S570. S571. S572. S578. S612. S624. S626. S626. S628. S628. S634. S636. S638. S644. S646. S648. S658. S762. S710. S710-1. S711. S711-1. S712. S712-1. S714. S714-1. S715. S715-1. S716. S716-1. S717. S718. S718-1. S724. S726. S726. S728. S734. S738. S744. S745. S748. S749. S758. S760. S761. S762. S764. S766. S766. S768. S812. S812. S826. S828. S834. S836. S838. S844. S846. S848. S858. S2181. S2111. S2121. S2180. S2181. S2120. S2110. S2130. S2131. S2121. S2180. S2131. S2111. S2110. S2111. S2120. S2120. S2121. S2130. S2131. S2180. S2181. S7280. S7210. S7260. S7260. S7280. S7510. S7510. S7510. S7580. S7580. S7580. S512. S7280. S310I. S312I. S2120. S424I. S312I. S312I. S548. S544. S310I. S312I. S334I. S444I. S844. S644. S844. S424I. S446I. S346I. S711. S512. S758. S544. S548. S711. S748. S558. S371. S344I. S412I. S421I. S370. S311I. S371. S511-1. S711. S724. S749. S846. S512-1. S712. S514. S514. S514. S718. S718. S388. S718. S718. S718. S524. S714-1. S724. S764. S410I. S712. S711. S712. S310I. S318I. S321I. S410I. S310I. S321I. S323I. S334I. S762. S7580. S311I. S512-1. S512-1. S512-1. S512-1. S7580. S381. S371. S712-1. S312I. S512. S512-1. S512-1. S718. S718. S518. S518-1. S438I. S2180. S2181. S736. S310I. S512-1. S712. S712-1. S716. S711. S762. S381. S749. S749. S310I. S315I. S371. S710. S716-1. S371. S710. S510. S511. S310I. S7210. S512. S712. S512-1. S7280. S762. S424I. S434I. S444I. S446I. S448I. S444I. S301I. S312I. S314I. S410I. S745. S749. S849. S749. S749. S812. S711-1. S518

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