PRESTIGE Dishwasher Basket Slide Rail Runner Support Guide Wheels PFD12SS-U x 8


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Wheel Guide Runner Supports
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Dishwasher Basket Wheels. Rollers & Runners

On the face of it

dishwasher basket wheels would seem to be such a simple part to find and replace and. in large part that is actually true. Normally these small plastic wheels or rollers are very easily found and. very easily replaced.

The most common

dishwasher wheels will be mounted straight into the basket assembly itself and on a lower dishwasher basket. this will usually simply be able to gently slide back and forward on the rollers.

Even on upper dishwasher baskets. a similar system is employed but on the upper storage basket you will quite often notice that the wheels will fit inside a rail that will also move. allowing the basket to glide in and out but offering additional support for the weight of the dishes in the top basket.

The type of

dishwasher basket will normally have a small plastic clip at the end that will push to one side or. be able to be pulled out in order to allow you to remove the basket for cleaning. That small plastic clip is commonly referred to as a basket rail clip or basket runner stop.

Another type of top basket wheels are small sub-assemblies of two wheels mounted on a bracket. normally plastic. which is then fixed to the inner tub or side of your


These upper basket and. they are only found on upper baskets in a dishwasher. are commonly known as a basket runner assembly. Some still call the basket wheels but normally it is runners to try to avoid confusion although that does not seems to work all that well at times.

Sometimes these top runner assemblies can be harder to swap as you may have to take the side panels off your

dishwasher and fix then from behind.

And somwhat disgustingly at least in out opinion. some of the cheap dishwashers these days you can only buy the whole bloomin’ basket! You can’t get the wheels at all as a separate spare part so it often costs the best part of £50 or more just to replace some stupid plastic wheels. For us. this is madness.


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